Did you know hamsters can average 6 miles per night in a hamster wheel? Imagine running in a hamster wheel for 6 miles. Would you not feel like you were stuck? Would you not feel like there was no way out? How would you slow down?

Source: http://search.creativecommons.org/

Have you ever watched side line to a hamster in his wheel? He’s running and running and running to eventually loose control of himself. He lands flat on his belly, and round and round he goes. After about 10-20 spins he fly’s out of the wheel and onto his head. Thankfully we spread those soft chips for him to land on! How fun was this to watch when you were a kid?

Are you stuck in a hamster wheel? Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheel and going know where? Do you need to be thrown out on your head? If this is you don’t panic you’re not alone. Thousands of people everyday jump into their hamster wheels and begin to spin away. Believe me. I have been there inside my wheel. Spinning and spinning my way, know where fast. Eventually God threw me out of my wheel and onto to my head. The difference between me and the hamster? I had no soft bedding to land on!!

I meet with people everyday and they tell me stories about their lives. How they feel like they are stuck. They feel like they are spinning away. They are lost. They are broken. And they have know way out.

They are just like everyone else; they wake up everyday, they go to work everyday, they take care of their kids everyday. However, there still stuck in their wheel with no way out. We can’t avoid this. We must embrace this. Over the years of journaling and reflecting I’ve started to collect things that can tell you when your stuck in the hamster wheel.

Here are 10 ways to know you are in a hamster wheel.

  1. Tired. Your constantly tired and you can’t stop thinking about going to bed. You think of the most creative places to take a nap, even when you just slept for 12 hours.
  2. Lost. You constantly feel like you’re in the show lost. You remember watching the whole show. However, when someone asks you about what happened you just can’t answer.
  3. Hungry. You can’t stop eating. You’re walking around the house always to find yourself back in the kitchen with the fridge door open. You just can’t stop eating. It’s like a bottomless pitt, that you are trying so hard to fill up.
  4. Stuck. It’s like being stuck in the snow with you’re vehicle. You keep giving the car gas but you go no where. Your tires are spinning and your speedometer says you’re going 80. You look outside and you haven’t moved. You are stuck.
  5. Prayer. Prayer has become so hard that when you start to pray you fall asleep. Your prayers have no real meaning, just plain babble. God is looking down thinking, “is it time to throw them out of their wheel?
  6. Lonely. You’re in a crowd of people and you feel so alone. People are trying to come alongside of you, and you don’t even notice them.
  7. Blind. Things are happening all around you, and you can’t even see them. The purple cow is in your bedroom and you don’t even notice.
  8. Love. It has become hard to love and be loved. The people around you are starving for your love, and you can’t seem to give it to them.
  9. Confused. You just can’t make up your mind. It’s like you crashed, got up dizzy, and now your trying to pull it all together.
  10. Angry. You’re like that crazy dog next door that launches on the fence when you walk by. You did nothing to the dog, and he is still ready to eat you. The smallest things make you want to explode.

If you are feeling any of these 10 things then you might be stuck in a hamster wheel. It might be time that you surrender and give it all up to God. Ask God to throw you out of the wheel and onto your face. Ask God to please stop the wheel and let you find your way out. You are sick of running in the pathetic wheel. Say, “please God help me out here, I am dying and I just ran 6 miles. Is that not enough.”

Discussion Question: Do you have a hamster wheel story? Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a hamster wheel? How did you find your way out? Please share your strategies for getting out.