Did you know that you are already a Leader?

Leadership should not be a place that we all strive to be, rather a place that we already are. The important thing is to focus on being a good leader no matter where you are. Good leaders always rise to the top, like oil and water. As time goes on, leaders become good leaders through the daily process of growth, love, and sacrifice.

Why is it that we think of leadership as this stellar place that we all strive to reach? It’s almost as if it were Heaven, and some of us get there and some of us don’t. What gets you to heaven is not power, pride, position, or possessions, it’s sacrificial love between you and Jesus. And it is this same love that makes you a leader.

If we look at leadership as this place we all strive to be, then very few will get there. However, if we just look at leadership as a place we already are, then we have already reached a position of leadership. We may not be the CEO, the coach, or some other position that is viewed as leadership, but instead we are a husband, father, son, bus driver, garbage man, or just an everyday human being that picks up trash off the street with a smile. These people are all leaders, and they might just be in the right place. If we continue to focus on leadership as this place, what happens to peoples self fulfillment? Do they ever reach it? Probably not, but instead settle for this place of failure or less. If we made people feel as if they already reached this place of leadership, and promoted them as a leader, how might this impact the world and our society as a whole?

Good leaders are those that do not even know that they are leading. Leaders that are leading out of love, rather power, position, pride, or possessions.

This year I talked to a college kid, about 25 years old, about leadership. He went on to tell me how passionate about leadership he was. We talked about books that he had read, conferences that he attended, and then he said something that made me really think, “someday I want to be a leader” I responded by saying, “do you have a girlfriend? Do you drive a car? Do you have brothers and sisters? In which he responded yes to all of those questions. Then I said, “you are a leader right where you are, you just need to start embracing the fact that you are a leader, and just continue leading”

Our world places leadership above everything else, as if it’s something people will never reach, or that we have to work our whole life for. We categorize leaders as CEO’s, political leaders, religious leaders, and whatever else we can come up with. What if we allowed everyone to stand side by side leading together out of love? And when I say everyone I mean age, sex, race, and religion. Gods children, not trying to control, embracing conflict and opinions, and just leading together. How frustrating is it when we all sit back and wait for the “leaders” to stand up and make the changes? Has our world really taught us that we are nothing? That if we never reach this place of leadership, then we feel as if we have failed?

Think of a world filled with leaders, leading out of love. A world that promoted leaders not based on a place that we should strive to be, rather a place that we already are. Would it be a better place to live? What would happen to relationships, marriages, and how might we begin working together to grow the GOOD in the world?

No longer can leadership continue to be a place that we all strive to be, because thousands if not millions of people will never reach this place. How about we create a movement created by everyday leaders, leading out of love. I believe this can happen and will happen when thousands and millions of people come together in the essence of true love and true leadership. No one group or one person can create the type of movement that I’m talking about.

We need people of all ages, sex, race, and religion standing together and embracing their roles as leaders. We need real people willing to love and be loved. We need to focus not on a place we want to be, but a place that we already are. We need to begin growing the GOOD in the world.

If the world was filled with leaders that knew how to love, would the world be a better place? What If we could begin to mirror the life of Jesus and the love he showed for his people? He might not have been almighty powerful with lots of money, gold, or possessions, but he knew how to love and how to focus on growing the good in the world.