The Camping Trip. What are we forgetting?

Shelter items – check

Cooking items – check

Clothes – check

Personal items- check

Miscellaneous items – check

What are we forgetting here? I feel like we are forgetting something. Are you feeling the same way? These are the questions you ask yourself before you head out the door for a camping trip. Then once you reach your destination what you realize is that you forget several essential items. Now, you are off to the store spending all kinds of money on items you already own, you just forgot to pack them. Your upset and pissed off because you did not plan well for the trip. You had the vision but didn’t have the plans.

You remember going through the list in your head. Tent check, clothes check, cooking stuff check. You are thinking how did I forget that? Probably because you were on what I call “A camping high.” A camping high is when you are more excited about the camping trip then you are about the packing or planning. You are so focused on the destination that you forget anything else. I use to tell my wife when we were going camping, “if we forget it, we will just have to buy it.” Otherwise we would have spent all day and probably never even went camping. This was my man thinking, and her wise thinking. Funny how this works!

There is nothing like a camping trip, do you agree? The feeling of euphoria, it’s like new life. I love camping trips. Even the idea of camping trips gets me jazzed. When I think of a camping trip; I think adventure, new discoveries, water, nature, family, friendships and pure beauty. Oh, and childhood memories that you never forget. When you think camping trip, what does it make you think?

My wife and I went out west to Yellowstone National Park this past year and we hiked and slept in the back country. An experience I will never forget. Something else I will never forget is all the essential preparation and planning that had to take place before the trip. It wasn’t like we woke up one morning thinking, lets go to Yellowstone and go camping. Me, I totally wish that would have been the case, “A camping high”. Up in the morning, into the car, and into the mountains camping after a 15 hour drive from Michigan! Then there is my wife,  Mrs. Suzy planner. You know the ones that read the entire grill instructions front to back? This is my wife and I love her dearly.

Good planning and good packing is essential to the success of any camping trip. Whether you are going pop up camping or sleeping with the bears. Having the necessary supplies and equipment can make a difference in your overall enjoyment and experience.

Do you feel this way as a leader? Do you love camping trips, new ideas, new businesses, or new anything? Do you love the euphoria and energy that comes along with it or again what I call “A camping high.” I think we all do, right? Can you remember the last time you or your team had a new idea? What was the outcome? Was it positive or negative? What did you make of the experience? If it was bad, how did you respond?

My pastor once said in a sermon, “my response is my responsibility.” How true is this? We make the choice for a good camping trip or a bad camping trip. What we can do, to make the camping trip better, is good planning and good packing. I can promise you that. Some of the best leaders I have met ,were either good planners and packers themselves, or they surrounded themselves with good planners and packers.

Maybe you are the leader that gets jazzed about camping trips. Or maybe you are the leader that reads the grill instructions front to back. Either way the most important thing is that you plan and pack well for the trip because as my Grandma use to say, “Don’t find yourself up a crick without a paddle.”

What about you? Are you packing and planning well for your camping trip? Or are you one of those camping high type people? How are you dealing with this?