A couple of years ago we were out for our Christmas dinner and we ordered oysters, clams, scallops, mussels, and I can’t even remember what else. All I can really remember after too many glasses of wine is that we had an awesome time. You know those really expensive restaurants that there is no way you can order a hamburger and a fry? This was one of those restaurants. Instead they have these really difficult menus to order from. Especially if you have never been to a fancy restaurant before.

We had a few amateurs with us that night and all they wanted was something simple. Simple was not what they got. We were passing all this seafood around the table and everyone would take one of the platter and put it on their plate. Some people were more skeptical than others, but the plates still made their rounds.

Everyone was eating, some devouring their meals faster than others. Then I looked down the table at one of my good friends that was there eating with us. I use to call him little buddy because I was mentoring him. I was not one of those easy mentors. I would put him through rugged work outs and training’s to make him more mentally tough as an athlete. That night I put him through something he will never forget, nor will anyone that was there, including my wife. I will do my best to paint a picture and then you can use your imagination to do the rest.

So I say to him, “come here little buddy and taste one of these, they are really good for you.” Oh, I felt terrible that he had that kind of trust in me that he would try about anything. I knew him so well, I knew this was not going to be pretty.

I scooped an oyster of the platter and on to his plate. He stood there dazed and confused as to what just landed on his plate. Then I say to him, “just suck it right out of there and you will be fine. ” Fine he was not. He sucked the oyster out of the shell and began to sweat. This was it, we knew that thing was not going to stay down for long and…..out onto the table the oyster landed. My wife said to him, you didn’t like the taste.” He said, “that was gross.” We all laughed and continued eating.

How often do you taste things that are gross? How often does God allow you to taste things in order to find the things that he desires for your life?

I know in my life God has allowed me to taste several things; professional sports, marriage, family, entrepreneurship, writing, speaking, and several others things that I most appreciate. And it is through these wonderful opportunities of taste testing that I begin to find the true tastes of life. The statistics show that workers between the ages of 18-38 change jobs an average of 10 times. Does this statistic amaze you or confirm something so simple as they might be just taste testing, right?

I think we as human beings have been blessed to travel this magical taste testing tour of life to find the best tastes that God has created for us. And the only way we find these fascinating tastes are to try the good ones and the bad ones. I guess it is like a wine tasting. I am sure you don’t like all the wines you try, and you definitely do not buy them all, I hope. If you do then you might have a problem with drinking!

I guess what I am saying is that, you need to go out there, be motivated and don’t be afraid to try new things. I promise it will be through the good tastes and the bad tastes that you will find the tastes God is calling you to.

Be tasteful and God Bless. Please share your thoughts and comments. What is the worse thing you have ever tasted in life?