You’ve got to be hungry

Does your wife prepare marvelous meals for you? Can you taste Grandma’s home cooked meals? The ones that make you leave work early because your mouth is pouring over like waterfall. Have you ever been on a long run and afterwards your hunger is so intense that you will eat about anything? I just love it when I can come hungry. I think the only way to really enjoy a meal is to come with an appetite, come with a hunger. And perhaps you need to experience some faulty cooking to know the cooking that does satisfy.

Also, isn’t it interesting that we find this hunger in the most challenging of times or difficult of places. Can you remember the last time you were so hungry? Where were you? Can you remember the place, the time, the smell, the feelings?

I see myself constantly hungry, hungry for the spirit of God to take over my life and fill that deep intense hunger. However, the only way to fill this hunger is to come broken and hungry. You need to be hungry for his love, hungry for his faithfulness.

Grace is flowing like a river and millions of others have been supplied, but you’ve got to be hungry, you’ve got to be in need. I promise it is in these times where God shows up and says, “son, here is a tasty meal for you.” I can’t remember the times when I was blessed because I read my bible as a task or to-do on my list. Rather, when I come feeling super bad, super sinful when he shows up.

Speak your heart in soul, sing out loud, express your sins. Yell like a new born child. Again, you have got to be hungry for his grace and love. And when you come like this, grace and peace will meet you there.

This is no big mac, fry, and a shake hunger. This is your wife or Grandma’s home cooked meal hunger. However, make sure you come hungry and with an appetite.

What are you hungry for in your life? What are you expericing? What sin do you need to confess? I believe we need to all be broken together on the Calvary Road.