Warm Underpants

Are you part of the world that forgets to pay attention and appreciate the small things in life like warm underpants? You can feel them now, right out of the dryer steaming and right onto your booty! I often times will throw in an already worn pair, just to warm them up, especially in the winter. Are you a warm underpants person? I have to warn you though, do not put on HOT PANTS!

Maybe you are focused on the big raise, new opportunities, big homes, fancy cars, and all the worldly warm underpants. Is this true for you? If so you might want to pause this week and look around you. Are you missing the warm underpants in your life? Is your wife fighting for your love? Are your kids trying to talk to you and you just don’t hear them? Is there so much on your mind you feel lost in the middle of a lake without a paddle, and your trying to get to shore?

Robert Brault says, “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

A person that can not appreciate the small things, is honestly purposeless. Neil Pasrichas has it right in his book The Book of Awesome. He talks about how often we overlook the small joys and little things that we forget to appreciate about life. I think we get to caught up and focused on our personal (and sometimes selfish) agendas. After time goes on this becomes the norm.

What we we need to do is slow down, take a look around and embrace the fact that life is filled with so many beautiful things. Not take on more stuff and responsibility. Who knows you might even find something you had been looking for for a long time. Oh, and your wife will start loving you back I promise.

The last thing, if you are a husband or father it is your responsibility to take the lead on this. No one else can do this for you.

What are the warm underpants in your life? Are you pausing to appreciate the small and most important things in your life? Tell us your story.

Peace be with you, I got to go and put on my warm underpants.