Instant Oatmeal

Instant oatmeal, cup noodles, fast food. Are you kidding me? We are literally living in an instant world. Everything is instant these days. What isn’t instant should be the question. Amazing how this has really shaped our society, our beliefs, and our values. Today, if something isn’t instant we want nothing to do with it. Whatever happened to good things take time? If this was only still the motto today.

On the back of an instant oatmeal pack it reads, “Microwave on HIGH for 1-2 minutes.” This is even to slow today. Have things gotten so bad that 1-2 minutes is to long? No worries, we have a solution if you do not want to wait for the oatmeal! Companies actually have these drinkable shake things now for people that do not have the time to wait for oatmeal. The funny thing, I have one sitting on my desk right now!

Let me tell you a story about a man that was definitely not living in an instant world. One day a few years ago I was out on a bicycle ride and saw an old man mowing his lawn. He had a beer in one hand and he was jamming the gears with the other and steering with his knee. No…..actually he still had a beer but he was not jamming any gears. He was mowing slower than I had ever seen anyone mow before. I think he might have been in a negative gear, if that is possible.

My instinct was to jump off my bike and show G-pa how to mow his lawn. Then I thought to myself, maybe I can learn something from this old man. Here I am on my bike pushing myself to the point I am ready to puke, and I haven’t even warmed up yet. Then, there is old man river taking his precious time to mow his 2500 square foot lawn. I wish I would have stopped to spend some time with this old man and see what wisdom I could gain.

My point here is that we all need to slow down and stop living in an instant world. Maybe if we all slowed down a bit we could begin to reshape our society, reshape our values, and overall make this a better place to live.

What are your thoughts? Are you living in an instant world or are you one of those people who have it all together? Either way I would love to hear from you.