Running in the Cold

Can you believe how long it takes to get ready for a wintery run? I got up early this morning and put on my warm socks, long-johns, sweatshirt, feet warmers, gloves, and a hat just to go for a run. Before I set out I checked once, twice, and a third time that I had all my gear and I was ready to embrace the cold.

There I was, all geared up staring out the door into the winter wonderland hoping the sun would come out and I could take off all my gear. Guess what? Nothing changed, I was still standing there looking out the door. After about five minutes, I talked myself into it. I was ready to take on the challenge.

As I began to run I could feel the cold racing through my gear. I started to question whether this was a good idea or not. I kept running and running and after awhile my body heat started to rise and I was actually enjoying the run. I totally forgot about all the gear I had on and the fact that I looked like one of those kids with an over protective parent that dresses their kid like an eskimo.

I think often times we put on all our gear, we prepare, and we motivate ourselves to only turn back, undress, and give up. Why can we not just step out the door, embrace the cold runs of our lives, continue running and find that the fear and anxiety fade away?

Are you all geared up and standing in the door staring out into the winter wonderland? Are you afraid to step out and go for a run? Maybe it is a new job, maybe a new relationship, maybe a new home, whatever it is I encourage you to open the door, step out, and start running. The cold, fear, and anxiety will wither and the world will present you with a smile.

Please comment and share your cold run stories. Together we can support one another in the cold runs of our lives.