13 Daily Action Steps to a Better Marriage and Family

Every year I make goals and I post them up everywhere! I go as far as posting them on the top of the toilet, on the mirror anywhere I can see them. My wife thinks I am crazy, and I might be. However, what I am crazy about is growing and always striving to be a better leader, a better husband, and someday soon to be a better dad. This year I made three goals for myself, and one of the most important ones was to continue to grow my marriage and create more love and security. Here is how I am going to accomplish this goal.

A few years ago when my wife and I got married we sat down and made an action list. We called it the 13 daily action steps to a stronger marriage and family. We decided that anyone could get married, but the hardest thing was staying married. To often people just give up and decide to go the other way. I once heard a saying that I believe is so true. A friend said, “no matter what side you are on, you still have to mow the lawn.” This is such an awesome statement, if only we all followed through with it. I am deciding early on in my marriage to follow through with it, by creating action steps that will move us in the right direction.

Here is an example of our list.

1. We will attend church every Sunday unless we are sick and or dying.

2. We will eat dinner at the table every night.

3. We will not particpate in things that could affect our marriage.

4. We will always turn to God in times of need.

5. We will attend the Weekend to Remember Conference at least one time per year.

6. We will read at least one marriage book per year.

7. We pray together and stay together.

8. We will spend “quality” time together including date night once per week.

9. We will encourage equality and roles.

10. We will encourage and make decisions based on a biblical standpoint.

11. We will not live a consumption life style.

12. Forever and eternity.

13. We will never fight in front of our kids instead we will show love.

Here is our list. Do you have a list? Are you struggling in your marriage? Maybe it is time to sit down with your wife and make a list of action steps that can move your marriage in the right direction.

Do you have other ideas on building a better marriage and family? Please post a comment.