Are you making your day count, loser?

Do you feel like a loser, unproductive, and frustrated after a long days work?

Do you get to the end of the day and think to yourself, what in the world did I do today? Here is an exercise that I posted awhile back that I think can help all of us losers!

Take out a 4×6 postcard and write I’m a loser on one side and…….( just kidding ). Seriously, take out a 4×6 postcard and write down the following questions on one side and nothing on the other. At the end of each day you should be able to answer at least three out of the four questions or you might be a loser, I am sorry.

If you are able to answer three out of the four questions then you are making your day count. High five! While I was performing this exercise myself I was always fascinated by how much of a loser I really was! No, but what I was fascinated by was how much I was accomplishing.

Do your best and make your day count, because it matters.

1.    Did you lead something?
2.    Did you communicate something?
3.    Did you create something?
4.    Did you network with someone?

Please leave a comment and let me know how this is working in your life. Are you finding that you are more or less of a loser? Can you answer all four questions the majority of the time?