Pushing the Envelope

From the very beginning I was raised a winner. My Dad was an athlete, a winner, a father, and man that never gave up. He always taught me to fight for what I believe in and go out there and be a champion.

He was the Dad on the sidelines always screaming and yelling at us kids when we played sports. He was the Dad that on the way home was brainstorming how we could be better. He was the Dad that taught us how to win.

Over the last few months I have begun to realize how these very simple lessons I was taught at an early age apply to my life today. It does not matter if I am racing professional motorcycles, working on my marriage, or growing my company. In the end I will win.

This may sound conceited, however I will say confident. The important thing to remember is that anyone who has enough faith, drive, and passion can step out and accomplish all things.

I had a young guy come in and meet me this week. I asked him what I could do to help. He stalled, started telling me his story and said “how did you get started and how do you do it?” I said “look me in the eyes and I will tell you the secret. I am no different than you. I only made a decision to fight for what I believe in and pursue my dreams head on with faith and trust in God.”

After I told him that he looked around, asked a few more questions and left. While leaving I told him If you want it bad enough you will find a way.

Each morning I wake up expecting a new challenge whether that be personally or professionally. I have decided that with each one I will accept it, pursue it, and defeat it.

This does not mean that it is going to be easy only that it will be worth it. The thing I love most about challenges is that all they really are, are opportunities to grow my faith and trust in the lord almighty.

If there is anything that I have learned is that anytime you are pushing the envelope, challenges, obstacles, and failure is inevitable. It is how you respond, is what really makes you a winner.

All the years racing I remember the best times were when I was pushing the envelope, taking risks, crashing, and breaking bones. This might sound crazy and it is, however what was important was that I never gave up. I always got back up brushed myself off and kept on fighting for the win.

So I guess the question is, are you going to go out there with faith and fight for what you believe in and never give up, even if that means broken bones, surgeries, and whatever else it takes to win?