12 Keys to successful Leadership

Are you looking to develop leaders in your organization? Are you looking to succeed? Then here are 12 keys to successful leadership.

1. Place a high value on people: If you do not value people you will never create a culture that develops leaders. The people are the ones that make the business.

2. Commit resources to develop leaders: The first question a leader asks is “what is it going to cost?” The answer is whatever amount it costs, it wont be as high as the cost of not developing your people.

3. Place a high value on leadership: All good leaders recognize the importance of leadership and place a high value on it. No matter where you are you can lead.

4. Look for potential leaders: Look for people who posses the following characteristics: The make things happen, they see opportunities, they influence the opinions and actions of others, they add value to you, they draw winners to them, they equip other eagles to lead, they provide ideas that help the organization, they possess an uncommonly great attitude, they live up to their commitments, they show fierce loyalty to the organization and leader.

5. Know and respect your people: “walk slowly through the halls” people want: to see results, want to be effective-they want to do what they do well, want to be in the picture, want to be appreciated, want to be a part of the celebration.

6. Provide your people with leadership experiences: If we don’t delegate leadership with authority as well as accountability our people will never gain the experience they need to lead well.

7. Reward leadership initiative: Its true that emerging leaders often want to take the lead before they are really ready to. But potential leaders can only become full fledged leaders if they are allowed to develop and use their initiative.

8. Provide a safe environment where people ask questions, share ideas, and take risks: It takes secure leaders at the top ti ket the leaders working for them by full participants in the organizations leadership process. Leadership by its very nature challenges. It challenges out of date ideas. It challenges old ways of doing things. It challenges the status quo. Never forget that what gets rewarded gets done.

9. Grow with your people: The idea is to have an attitude of I want to grow along with my people.

10. Draw people with high potential into your inner circle: Give your best to your best people. When people spend time with someone and are directed by them, they learn to think the way that person thinks and do what that person does.

11. Commit yourself to developing a leadership team: You need to develop a team of leaders, people who can fill in each others gaps, people who challenge and sharpen each other. If we try to do it all ourselves, we will never get beyond the glass ceiling of our own leadership limitations.

12. Unleash your leaders to lead: Sometimes it may be scary, however if you dont let them try out their wings, they will never learn to fly.