Let me tell you something I learned not to long ago that is helping me stay accountable in managing decisions I have made early in my life. I recently posted a quote by John Maxwell that says “successful people make decisions early in life and then manage those decisions the rest of their life.”

I thought to myself this is great, however how do I hold myself accountable to this and keep it in front of me? This is what we call the daily dozen. The daily dozen is 12 important decisions you have made in your life whether it be early in your life or today. Every person’s daily dozen is going to be different. My daily dozen consists of things like have a successful marriage, pray and keep the faith, have a positive winning attitude, communicate, etc.

Now the goal, after you have your daily dozen is to write these either on a flash card or a piece of paper and then place them next to your bed. Then each night before you go to bed, you go down the daily dozen list and say to yourself did I do something today to manage my (daily dozen) and am I better becasue of it?

The next morning when you get up, you read through your daily dozen list and begin the day managing the decisions you have made early in your life.

The goal is that you are managing decisions that you made early in your life to make you a better person or the person God created you to be.

Do you want to be successful in your life (this can be different for every person)? Then start making your daily dozen today, review it, manage it, and make a difference because of it.