Do you offer Cordiality?

1. Do you offer a warm smile? A smile should be a natural part of your whole person, reflecting genuine friendliness. Nothing is more dynamic or attractive than your smile, and it will communicate great things to the other person.

2. Do you offer a solid handshake? Never underestimate the value and expression of a firm handshake.  The handshake is a becoming a very rare thing yet is so important when projecting your being.

3. Do you offer direct eye contact? With every handshake and conversation, no matter how brief, there should be some form of direct eye contact. Your eyes reflect deep feelings and emotion. Eye contact allows others to read these feelings.

4. Do you ever give words of encouragement? Keep this fresh and real. Call the person by name and encourage them. Be specific, natural, and real. Speak from your heart and mean it.