Don Davis and Rob Bell were in the house today teaching Matthew 5v13-20. This was an awesome sermon for me that helped me better understand that each day you wake up and make the decision to be the salt and light of this world.

On Friday when I was sharing my testimony at the Guiding Light Mission a squirrel hit the transformers and we were left with a lantern. They asked if I wanted to continue and I said absolutely. I put the lantern up on my motorcycle and continued sharing my testimony about how at one point in my life I had to make a decision if I wanted to continue to live in darkness and fear or if I wanted to pick up and follow JC in the light.

It was interesting because as I walked away from the lantern I was talking about how I was living in darkness and as I walked back into the light I was talking about how I choose to pick up and follow JC. A man in the program raised his hand and said “Now that was interesting as you walked back into the light we could see your face and when you were in the darkness we could not.”

Do you ever wake up in the morning thinking do I really want to get up? Is this day going to be like yesterday? The truth is, you make the decision, and you can start today making a difference in this world. You may think how can I make a difference. It’s simple. Have you ever given someone a hug? Have you ever taken the time to smile at someone who was down? Have you ever told someone that everything is going to be ok? Sometimes its the small things that count.

When Jesus talks about salt he says “You are the salt of the earth.” Salt preserves, purifies, and gives flavor to food. In the same way, the very outcasts and misfits whom Jesus has called blessed will be the ones who act as salt in the world. Their blessedness has freed them to be a community of blessing in the world.

When Jesus talks about light he says“You are the light of the world. A city on a hill can’t be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl.” In the same way that salt’s place is in food, light is meant for darkness. Light pursues darkness, invades it, permeates it, seeks it out, makes its home there— in doing so, makes it lit.

Again, you make the decision. If you want to continue living in darkness that’s your choice or you can pick up and be the salt and light of this world.

Rob Bell says “Make an effort to seek out the darkness in those places and be an extravagant presence of love in them this week. What would that look like for you?